Wormhole Community Application

Wormhole Global Community Applicatio in Access 

In order to deliver the Filenet Consensus globally more quickly, the Wormhole Foundation is now recruiting community volunteers around the world. 
Community volunteer responsibilities and application conditions. 

1, to establish communities and studios in the city. 
2, to hold salons, training, conferences, enhance the Filenet consensus. 
3, Filenet Main Network Application Business Cooperation and Mine Construction 

Application conditions: 
1, the community is divided into ecological community, consensus community, governance community, the applicant according to the corresponding conditions to fill in the application. 
2, with the appropriate promotion channels and operations training personnel
3, with the appropriate site resources

Basic Information
Community Logo


Whether the community FN wallet has been transferred 0.1 FN to the 3SqySRnonNPfZhWS16naiYwU29YEpWR5SXPuj2puvc5bKNGQ5JNbYvM address to confirm identity