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Filebox Global Beta Test Begin

A major breakthrough has been made in the Filenet ecological application of distributed storage First:

By the Wormholestorage investment center cloud disk Firebox launch time announced, and carry out large-scale internal testing!


Recently, Filenet's Autonomous community joined forces with the Filebox development team to recruit a Filebox in-house testing officer to the global community.

The Filebox cloud platform, scheduled to launch in July, is another application in the Filenet ecosystem, following mature Dapp applications such as Private Community notes.

The Filebox is the first main Filenet based development platform for the distributed storage cloud, a worm hole storage in the first round of $500000 investment, the development team from Europe, Russia, and silicon valley and other areas of IPFS developer community, a total of 120 people, after a year, based on the Filenet provids technology and IPFS transfer protocol, to provide users with personal data storage and distribution requirements.

Filenet(FN) is the world's first distributed storage application common chain on the main network, and also the world's first distributed storage application common chain using DPOS+POC consensus mechanism.

Filenet is dedicated to storage and distribution of valuable content, in the form of mining, rewarding miners for contributing idle bandwidth and storage space.

Filenet project has received well-known capital investment and strategic cooperation from Xiongan Fund, IPFUND, Cryptocapital, And Jidou Capital. At present, the global community has 300,000 supporters, 120,000 miner nodes, 325PB effective storage space, and block height over 5 million.